Posted by Dorothy B. Williams on June 10, 2012 at 3:55 AM


After several earlier attempts we are now setting out to pull together and interpret the store of information collected by ARFRA since its inception.

The sudden interruption to Peter Chapple’s intensive work without completion of his ongoing specific projects made producing a publication difficult, as it was Peter as Research Coordinator who gathered together the team’s individual work for interpretation.

Collecting and organising the vast database, both software and hardware, is now under way, together with Peter’s various drafts and articles for different purposes.

Members will also present chapters on their contributions. Gathering all this material together into an organised, readable and reliable publication is a rather dizzying task.

It had been begun earlier. Now it will be brought to completion. The participation of hundreds of people who have contributed to the ARFRA team over the decades deserves recognition, and this has always been our aim.

We hope that former members will return with relevant information and interpretation, especially if they have continued to concentrate on a particular aspect of the evidence, e.g. prints, predation etc., and can now add more to their earlier work in the team.

The main focus of the book will be the search for the mainland Thylacine but evidence concerning other animals will be included.

Dorothy Williams


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